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Elevating Public Works

Mast Collaborative’s extensive experience working in both the public and private sectors provides a unique perspective and understanding of obstacles and opportunities for public agencies. Working with internal and external stakeholders, Mast Collaborative can help identify innovative solutions and effective means for implementation.

Mast Collaborative can quickly gain an understanding of the political and structural constraints or your organization and develop tailored strategies to realize your goals and objectives.

Navigating the Urban Landscape

Mast Collaborative’s extensive experience from planning to acquisition to permitting/zoning to urban redevelopment provides a framework on which to approach projects with a new perspective. Our experience ranges from all aspects of site development of wireless facilities to major urban redevelopment projects. With an understanding of the complexities of real estate projects both from the private and public sectors, we can help navigate the best path to success for your project.

Mast Collaborative can provide guidance on site selection and acquisition, site development, and strategy.

Driving the Energy Evolution

Mast Collaborative is deeply knowledgeable of the clean tech sector, with a particular focus on electric vehicles and mobility planning. Our extensive experience has helped gain a broad and holistic understanding of the field, from start-ups to established players, vehicles to infrastructure, soup to nuts. Whether the need is to navigate the growth of a clean tech product line or navigating public sector requirements for regulation, Mast Collaborative can provide guidance and insight to bring your clean tech project to life.

Mast Collaborative can consult on everything from strategic planning to site acquisition, business development, leveraging connections and industry intelligence to get things done.

From Inception to Success

Mast Collaborative can help get your idea off the ground. We have a long track record of identifying and securing resources for clean tech companies, including federal and local grants and business development incentives. This expertise stems from our experience consulting for clean tech companies and working with public agencies and non-profits.

Mast Collaborative can consult on strategies for working with public agencies and municipalities, help pitching ideas, identifying programs and simply finding the right person to talk to in sectors ranging from real estate, economic development, resource development.

In the past five years, Mast Collaborative has assisted in securing over $2 million in funding for clients. If your idea needs help in taking the next step, Mast Collaborative can provide strategic consultation and connections to elevate your idea from concept to reality.

Connecting Solutions to Causes

Mast Collaborative’s deep understanding of municipalities and urban economic development create the ideal solution for connecting your non-profit to local resources and markets. Portland and Oregon more generally are committed to social causes, clean tech and renewable energy, and companies are often eligible for tax breaks, incentives, low interest loans, and even grants.

Non-profits play a vital role in both the local community and beyond, with a mission to create opportunity and expand on positive causes. Mast Collaborative’s network and experience can help identify and secure opportunities and connect you to the right partners to grow the reach and success of your organization.

Our Clients

Here is a list of just a few of the organizations and companies we have worked with over the years.